For listeners and observers of Lucila Al Mar’s musical expressions, it will not take long to understand that the life, career and artistry of this songstress is oriented by courage. For Lucila Al Mar, the ability to create and express is inextricably connected to the ability to live and thrive. Within every song or live performance, she attempts, therefore, to lay bare the very substance of her life and spirit. It is no surprise, then, that Lucila’s musical sensibility is as layered and nuanced as the artist herself. With only the thick, rich texture of her voice and the direct, evocative melodic force of her guitar-playing, Lucila Al Mar is able to express the startling range of her humanity and the breadth of her personal influences. 

Those who admire her work will note, with a combination of delight and awe, her ability to move from the gnarly, defiant energy of punk rock, to the lushness of folk music, to captivating the audience with the resonance of an a capella song, all within the same performance. Lucila is a person of unmistakable, enchanting charm and quirkiness. She is no less a woman of remarkable fierceness, rootedness and spiritual fortitude. The expanse of this young artist’s musical catalogue forces listeners to attest to Lucila Al Mar’s warrior spirit, her playful inner child, and the unique, undeniable quality of her maturity and strength. 
The sincerity and range of Lucila’s musical expression is no mere accident of quirk of circumstance. This is an artist whose every song testifies meaningfully and substantially to the realities of her life. The truth-value of Lucila Al Mar’s music and the unmistakable rawness of her lyrical and vocal aesthetics are generosities she extends to herself and her listeners alike. 
She uses the inherent power and eloquence of music as a tool for self-understanding and, ultimately, spiritual liberation. 

Lucila Al Mar is a singer, songwriter and performer whose every lyric, note and gesture is propelled by the expansive, ever-beautiful quality of her humanity. While her talent and musical devotion is obvious and arresting on its own, this performer is special because she attempts things that only the most courageous artists do: genuine human expression and unobstructed human connection. 
Those in Canada and California  who have experienced Lucila Al Mar’s music will be grateful for the sensuous, honeyed quality of her voice, they will be thankful, too, for the wide grin she often wears on stage, but ultimately, they will be moved because Lucila Al Mar dares to represent herself in the unambiguous light of her personal truths. Her performances welcome you into the precious space of her life; they welcome you to revel in the many ways human presence can be shared, and the multitude of ways music and performance can beautify our experience of life, death and ultimately, bring us together.