Lucila Al Mar 

Born by the sea and raised in foreign lands, Lucila Al Mar is a musician whose greatest passion is empowering the community and bringing people together through the creative arts. Within the same performance, this singer/songwriter captivates the audience with the ability to move between genres. From the gnarly defiant energy of punk rock to the lushness of folk music, into the soulful resonance of an acapella song. 

Lucila Al Mar dares to represent herself in the unambiguous light of her personal truths. Her debut album “ Nada Es Para Siempre// Nothing is Forever” was released April 21,2017. Like her performances, this album welcome’s you into the precious space of her life; to revel in the many ways human presence can be shared, the multitude of ways music and performance can beautify our experience of both life and death.

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